Living Waters Philippines

Congratulations to Victory the Fort for running and completing their first 25 week Living Waters Program, “Walking In Victory.” Under the leadership of Ptr. Miko Tangco and Ptr. Junjin Gepillano, the group found a place of safety: a place to, grow, be vulnerable, to share and to receive healing. Thirty-Five participants participated in and completed this first round of Living Waters in Victory the Fort.

As this healing journey continues, may we have the courage to continue in our weakness and vulnerability to walk in humility along side each other. When our weakness, vulnerability, and humility meet Jesus at the cross, lives can be changed.

So never give up. The timing for this 25 Week program took many years of persistent praying. We hold on to hope, not only for our personal lives, but also for the dreams God puts in our hearts.

Well done “Walking in Victory” team and participants for your perseverance and completion of this 25 week program! See you the upcoming LWLT!

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