Living Waters Philippines

Last March 10-12, a portion of the LW team went to Butuan for an Intro to Healing conference for NFS Pastors in that area. One of the significant parts of this conference was the location. We were joining and connecting with those who minister in the area which was in existence even before the Philippines was recognized; the entry place for Christianity into the Philippines. We went back to the very beginning and entry place of the establishing faith of this country. It was an extremely profound and significant time. We had the privilege of not only providing a safe place for struggling Pastors but to also visit historical places and pray life and restoration into the place, culture, and people.

We saw hope restored as first time confessions were shared in that sacred place of safety. Secret worlds were brought to light and cleansing tears honored. Forgiveness was experienced and hope renewed. There are more invitations to the Mindanao area for ministry for which we are grateful.

Our spiritual eyes were opened to even more which is happening as healing is brought to others, while an even deeper, profound authority given from which to pray. We are grateful and humbled by all the Lord is doing in this nation and among His people. Thank you for your prayers!

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