Living Waters Philippines

I was living a disconnected life. On the outside, I was a “good” Christian girl, and a core leader in the ministry. I had a beautiful career in banking industry. But behind closed doors I was a wretch, consumed by guilt of sexual sins and ashamed of broken and abusive heterosexual relationships.

I was flooded with insecurities and the feeling of being unloved, insignificant and inadequate. After my last relationship, I was in “abstinence” for almost 3 years, I thought ‘wow I was okay! But again I had a sexual fall. I had a one-night stand with a pastor’s son. When the weight of all my sins hit me, I cried unto the Lord and came to Living Waters.

As I attended the program God showed me that He is a Father who is so real and so patient with me. Every time I am prayed over, I see and feel Jesus embracing and holding me, speaking words of hope and promises of victory. At one time I received a picture of Jesus giving me a new white robe.

I understand now that healing is a journey and a process that should be embraced with Jesus. Living Waters is a God-given channel where His grace and love and majesty and power abounds.