Living Waters Philippines

I struggled with homosexual tendencies and sexual addictions which manifested through anonymous sexual encounters, compulsive masturbation and pornography. I had been living in a cycle of depression, self-condemnation and deep shame. I attempted to kill myself a number of times. I was cynical toward life and God. All these apparently stemmed from abandonment, neglect and emotional abuse from my parents.

Through the LW Program, God firmly yet gently let me know and feel that He is always willing to meet me just as I am, where I’m at. Through the teachings and testimonies of others, God spoke to me, each time slowly melting my cynicism. He revealed the true and deep longings of my heart. Through listening prayer, God exposed the depth of my sinful ways. But more importantly, God revealed the greater reality of His love, compassion and genuine desire to rescue me. I also discovered that in confessing my sins to others and allowing myself to be known, Christ’s power is released and sin’s grasp over me is destroyed.

Prior to LW, I saw myself at a dead-end ready to accept defeat. But I’m glad that I took the chance. In one of the Program nights, I received, perhaps, the biggest breakthrough of my life: the truth that I am God’s good gift. This has since become the cornerstone, through which, I am being enabled to see my true self.

Now, I am equipped to make the right choices towards the life that Jesus offers. God has made His hope and freedom very, very real to me.

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