Living Waters Philippines

LW Phils. Director Benji Cruz spoke to the Faith Baptist Church in Quezon City last Sunday, Sep. 20 on “Reaching Out to the LGBT Community.” The well-attended open forum that followed the worship service saw parents & children asking for the ways they could effectively minister to their gay loved ones. ” One father owned his homophobia: “I admit I don’t like the ways of homosexuals. I don’t feel comfortable with them.” That honesty, with willingness to change, is the beginning of freedom —  both for the homosexuals & the families who care for them.


Benji Cruz, LWP National Director

Faith Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Byron Quimpo & Film Director, Cesar Buendia.
Benji Cruz with wife, Hazel, FBC Sr. Pastor Byron Quimpo & amp; film director Cesar Buendia
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