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February 12, 2016 marked the first ministry trip, leaders of Living Waters Philippines took to Japan. Benji and Hazel Cruz, Jayvee and Vicky Dychioco, Rommel Flores along with Carmen and her husband Joel Vargas brought hope and healing to Filipino leaders from the Immanuel Christian churches residing in Nagoya, Japan. The primary focus of ministry to this particular group were those of relational healing and healing from addictive patterns. During this one-day conference, “Panahon ng Paghilom.” Benji, Jayvee, Hazel, and Vicky shared words on Unfailing Love, Overcoming Shame, Confession, and how Jesus bears our wounds while Carmen Go-Vargas and Ptr. Rommel shared their testimonies. Lives were touched, hearts transformed, and hope regained as first time confessions were shared and words from the Lord were received. Tears were expressed as hearts were softened, broken, and healed by love and truth. One male pastor shared “meron yata dito sa mikropono nakapagpapaiyak” while another female participant shared “maghapon akong umiyak.” While yet another female participant shared “Nasira ang makeup ko sa kaiiyak.”
In this culture where tears aren’t easily expressed or shared, especially in public, these expressions of the heart were especially cleansing and healing. “The Lord did a powerful work of cleansing His people from the defilement of wounds and sins through these tears.” Also, coming to Japan as migrant workers, the Filipinos experienced a variety of additional sexual violations and sins. These areas were touched by the gentle and gracious love of our Jesus.
We ministered to three different churches that Sunday morning. JayVee and Vicky spoke at Kita Nagoya, Benji and Hazel at the Main church in Nagoya, and Ptr. Rommel, and Carmen at Tokai/Chita.
With joy in our hearts and gratitude on our lips we ended the ministry time in Nagoya by ministering to the leaders, “Soul Care.” During this time, Benji shared on Intimacy with God, Vicky shared on Listening Prayer, Hazel shared on Accountability, and Jayvee shared on The Church Becoming a Safe Community. The Holy Spirit is doing a beautifully deep work in the hearts of the Filipino community there in Japan and we find it a great honor to be a part of His move there.
As with all ministry work, we leave a part of our hearts with those in Nagoya and bring a part of Japan back with us to the Philippines. We look forward to the next time we meet these dear brothers and sisters and pray for continued healing in their hearts, families, and churches.
Thank you very much for your prayers and financial partnership!

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