Living Waters Philippines

Approximately 40 men and women gathered at Tagaytay for a retreat with the founder and director of Living Waters, Andrew Comiskey. Those in attendance represented long time founders of Living Waters as well as others who were just being exposed to Living Waters for the first time. Andrew walked us verse by verse through Isaiah 54 and 55 challenging those in attendance on how to live a Resurrected Life on a daily basis. His messages were timely and powerful as the retreat was on the heals of Easter.

Andrew reminded us that in Living Waters we don’t have the freedom to live simply as the “victim/patient” or even the “doctor”. We are always in a state of healing ourselves while we are walking along side others who are also in the process of healing. We never “arrive” and yet we also never are only “receiving”. It is in giving that we receive even deeper healing.

He spoke on our personal barrenness, shame, singleness and all that society says about these places in our lives. About how traditions of man contribute and help define these very places. He also encouraged us that even in these places and especially in these places, regardless of how we feel, a double portion of resurrection, mercy, and blessing is for us.

We heard of and sat with the whole reality of Divine mercy and how that intersects with our lives being the only means by which the evil in our lives not only be turned around but changed to work for the good.

We continued by looking at fear and the necessity of repentance in our lives. The importance and impact of repentance in our lives, as leaders. If we as leaders do not practice daily repentance, how will the others who share in this journey with us feel the impact of and freedom to repent as well. And as we looked at all God brought to light in our lives, we were encouraged to nurture hope, even and especially, in the midst of grieving.

Small group times, large group ministry, and times designed especially for silence were opportunities pregnant with God’s healing presence.

Retreats are created to make room for rest, motivation, and encouragement which I think we call all say happened. However, finally to finish our time together, Andrew and those present, blessed Benji and Hazel with a beautiful send-off on to their 1 year sabbatical-time of rest, while welcoming and blessing the passing on of responsibilities of Directorship to JayVee and Vicky for this coming year.

I pray we all can find that true authentic rest present only in the saying “yes” to Jesus.

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