Living Waters Philippines

Christ Commission Fellowship’s Positive Ministry hosted Jonathan Hunter, of Embracing Life, during his time here in Manila for the “Bakit ako Nahihiya?” conference. Jonathan challenged those working with those who are HIV+ with his own story. He discovered he was diagnosed HIV+ after leaving the homosexual lifestyle and becoming a Christian. In a country experiencing a gender identity confusion crisis and a rise in immune deficiency illnesses, there is still a word of hope rising. Jonathan was very candid in sharing his own journey of sin, confusion, conversion, discovery, anger, pain, ultimately leading to surrender to the Truth of who he is in Jesus and a new found freedom which is available to those struggling.

Those in attendance were reassured that new and advanced treatments are available allowing those who are HIV+ to live a full, vibrant, productive life. However, most importantly, the shame, which comes with such a diagnosis, can leave people feeling hopeless, helpless, and worthless. Jesus, however, sees more than any disease. He sees the person and the hurting heart. He sees the person with whom He desperately wants personal communion. Jonathan Hunter eloquently and graciously put flesh on that reality. The joy out of which he shared, was a clear picture of God’s grace and healing flowing through even humor, which is also a treasure in life regardless of what we face.

Those present were challenged, ministered to, and encouraged in the face of this challenging work. This time together came to a completion with a time of ministry where Jesus was given room and opportunity to meet us each in those places where the true fullness of life is not experienced. It was an honor and privilege to meet Jesus in a new and profound way.

Embracing Life travels internationally leading others to hear words of hope, worth, and life directly from Jesus, Himself.

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