Living Waters Philippines

I came to Living Waters because of unforgiveness. My husband committed adultery and I was set on pursuing annulment. I refused to settle for a life with an endless cycle of infidelity.

But through the teachings and ministry time, I was able to identify my own brokenness that snowballed from a child’s heart badly battered by rejection from my parents, to the ultimate rejection in what I thought was a “godly marriage”.

Living Waters showed me how the Lord loves me so much that He refuses to leave me in the condition I was in. He made me see my wounds as they were — bitterness and unforgiveness that were by-products of rejection. The weekly meetings helped me receive Jesus’ healing balm. My scars have ceased to catch on things the way they used to. My life verse, (Luke 10:42 “But only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”), has since has taken on a brand new, fresh meaning. Slowly, I learned to forgive my husband.

Today, we both continue to keep our eyes on the Cross to receive God’s unlimited grace in our marriage like never before.

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