Living Waters Philippines

As you all know, Living Waters is rapidly growing throughout Asia. One place which holds a great need is Shanghai, China. Having worked with some of the team at our last Leadership Training in January of this year, relationships were beginning to be forged. We were excited when we were invited by Shanghai LW Coordinator, Elizabeth Reid, to assist them during their most recent retreat. It was with honor and joy, we accepted the invitation to serve with them. With that, five of us, Benji Cruz, Jayvee and Vicky Dychioco, Ermys Bornilla, and Rose Alonzo…entered China to join the Shanghai team in ushering in the healing presence of Jesus to this group of 17 eager and hopeful participants who were there from all over the world. They are based in China yet come from various parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. We spoke on Narcissism, Shame, Abuse, The True Self aspires to Wholeness Refuses Despair, Forgiveness and Gender Identity. Because this team is in the early stages of formation and current place of transition, we were also able to dialogue about the upcoming season. ┬áDirection and counsel were given in light of the return of their current coordinator back to the States. We witnessed hearts being touched, eyes opened, revelation received, lives transformed and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Benji Cruz, LWP National Director, also had the opportunity to preach at one of the International churches comprised of over 100 countries. It is with much gratitude that we touched the nations while in Shanghai, China.