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Flagship 2016

With every beginning comes an end. This past Tuesday Flagship 2016 ended well. Many emotions were seen on the faces of the participants but oh, how their countenances brightened significantly since the first week. God truly began a good work yet with this beginning, the ultimate end only comes when seeing Jesus face to face. Pau and Given, along with their group began the evening with a wonderful worship time.

What comes after such a powerful 25 weeks? This can’t be all there is…it feels as if the process is just beginning. This is very true. This is clearly just the beginning yet how do we hold on to hope as we continue with all of the “ups and downs” of our journeys? Raymond Arce and Jaime Gabrera eloquently expressed how we can hold on to this hope while moving on from this phase of our healing.

There are so many different emotions held as a program of this nature comes to a conclusion but there is one feeling that is shared by many, and that is “there is more.”

We can all rest in the fact that we are stronger and more equipped for tomorrow. But practically how do we live out the current places of our healing?

1. We embrace the tensions in our lives. We hold the “now” and the “not yet” together. Instead of trying to relieve the “tensions”, we live life holding them graciously alongside each other.

2. We accept that our healing is a process. This process will include failures, uncertainty, feelings of helplessness along with the feelings of joy, peace, happiness, etc. All are a part of this process and all are to be embraced.

3. We learn to aspire for great things. We learn we can hope for more.

Raymond and Jaime also shared an acronym for the word HOPE…

Honest humility

It is important to not “hide”, to share honestly about our struggles, and to not remain “silent”. “Silence” keeps us stuck in our struggles.


True confession is followed by the change in behavior of repentance

Patient Perseverance

Patience is the heart of God’s Character. God takes the time needed to do a work that is lasting. We are an impatient people but waiting and trusting builds character, which brings hope. The hard reality is that becoming whole takes time. We can be kind to ourselves and take ourselves much less seriously.


“God is the one who began this good work in you, and I am certain that he won’t stop before it is complete on the day that Christ Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6 We have permission to look forward to the future while holding closely the present.

After each group beautifully shared through song, poem, or skit, how the 25 weeks impacted them, Ptr Rod Santos and Kuya Joe Albaniel reminded us of the importance of getting plugged in to an accountability group, whether one already existing or creating ones in which we feel safe. Fighting for Intimacy, Sexual purity, and Trust is a men’s accountability group, which has meetings all over the city. Women are naturally more relational and find it easier to seek out a group in which they can share their challenges yet men, especially church leaders, have the tendency to try to deal with their issues alone and not in community with other men.

So, as we remember the place of beauty and safety of the Flagship, you can rest in the realization that Christ, your ultimate place of safety and beauty, goes with you daily and will accompany you to places of accountability, employment, relationships, and places of solitude.

Job well done, participants and team of Flagship 2016.

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