Living Waters 20-Week Program

May 18-October 28, 2021

LWLT - Living Waters Leadership Training

October 31-November 06, 2021

Cross Current

March 10-April 28, 2021

Living Waters 20-Week Program

Developed by Desert Stream Ministries, Living Waters 20-Week Program is an in-depth, Christ-centered program for people seeking healing in areas of sexual and relational brokenness (i.e. sexual addiction, relational idolatry, divorce, pornography, homosexuality, heterosexual promiscuity, etc).
A healing, teaching, and discipleship series for 20 weeks, the program addresses the reality that we are all broken in our ability to love God, others, and ourselves well. The goal is to lay a foundation for sexual and relational wholeness in our lives.

For inquires, please reach out to Ptr. Jayvee Dychioco (Coordinator)
via email at 20weeks@livingwatersphilippines.org

LWLT - Living Waters Leadership Training

Living Waters Leadership Training (LWLT) equips men and women for effective ministry to the sexually and relationally broken. It is intensive training with a shortened experience of the 20-Week Program (i.e. small group participation, etc) and practical instructions on how to do, start, or introduce a healing program in your church, personally, or even with LWP.

Email us at lwlt@livingwatersphilippines.org for inquiries.

LW Youth Program

The Current is a 12-week healing and discipleship program for the youth, aiming to help them understand the issues they are (or have been) facing with themselves, with others, and/or with God. It is also intended to help them embrace the idea of "process" even as young people, and to encouarage them to take a deeper healing journey with God as a growing young adult.

Email us at thecurrent@livingwatersphilippines.org for inquiries.


Cross Current is an introduction-to-healing program that can help one to begin to identify his or her true need. It also challenges one to examine their relationships through the hope found in Jesus. It is an ideal program for anyone who desires to pursue healing for his or her relational and sexual brokenness. Cross Current provides a safe, confidential environment for men and women to share honestly in a small group setting.

JANUARY 30-MARCH 23, 2024
TUESDAYS/ 6:30-9:30PM

For details, email us at crosscurrent@livingwatersphilippines.org for inquiries.

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